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July 9, 2012
Josh Wolford Facebook To Target Mobile Ads Based On App Usage [REPORT]
By Josh Wolford
Facebook, always looking for ways to boost revenues from advertising these days, is set to roll out a brand new product in the next couple of weeks, according to sources.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that this new ad product will allow advertisers to target users based on the apps that they commonly use. The advertising option will be for mobile, and will allow the ads to pop up directly in the users' News Feed.

For instance, if a users plays a lot of Zynga games like Words with Friends and Scramble with Friends, they may see a targeted ad for a different Zynga property like Hanging with Friends in their mobile feeds. The users wouldn't have to have even "liked" Zynga on the network in order to receive this type of targeted ad.

The way that Facebook will be able to monitor app usage and target users with ads for similar apps is, of course, through Facebook Connect. [...]

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