I covered Awareness a good bit (see Awareness Provides Social Media Command Center).

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August 13, 2012
Bill Ives Awareness Provides Social Marketing Automation
By Bill Ives
I covered Awareness a good bit (see Awareness Provides Social Media Command Center). Beginning as a community platform, they have transformed their offering to become a social media command center that allows you to properly manage all of you social media activity through a single source. In their latest initiative, they are now providing the Awareness’ Social Marketing Automation suite. It equips brands to identify, track and rank their existing social customers and new likely prospects from all the major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) based on segmentation and prioritization criteria they define.

One of the major aspects is Social Prospecting. This helps brands identify new pipelines of prospects from the social web using their own defined set of social activity criteria (e.g. identifying users who are engaging with competitors’ brands, or those actively discussing specific topics). It is offered as an additional feature via the Awareness Social Marketing Hub. [...]

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