You remember that Seinfeld episode? The one where George lands the job with the NY Yankees? Remember how he got the job? By doing the opposite.

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September 12, 2012
Arik Hanson Why Seinfeld's "do the opposite" theory is perfect for social media
By Arik Hanson
You remember that Seinfeld episode? The one where George lands the job with the NY Yankees? Remember how he got the job? By doing the opposite.

Brilliant, right? For George, his whole life had been a series of bad decisions. By simply flipping his thinking and doing the opposite, he had to be right, right?

Real life's not that easy, obviously. And, in the marketing world, life is certainly more complex. But, let's think about this opposite thing for a minute and how it relates to companies and social media.

Let's just look at a few of the typical company approaches to social tools and strategies and what would happen if some of these companies actually did the opposite-just like George did:

Initial Approach
Let's write a blog post about the cool new project our engineering department is putting together. [...]

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