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Social Media Trends and Buzzwords that need to Quit

By Deric Roessler

November 30, 2015

Last week we discussed the top social media predictions for 2016, buzzwords and their meanings, and hosted a webinar looking at trends for next year. This week, I’m setting aside the rosy outlook machine, and instead focusing on the social media trends and buzzwords that need to be gone, and you won’t believe what tops this list!


You know it best (or worst) as all the headlines you see on Facebook or Twitter claiming that there are an indiscriminate number of things that have occurred which will shake you to the very core of your being. Truth is, they almost never shock you, but you have given them anywhere between 1 and 30 page clicks as a result. As much as I enjoy following @SavedYouAClick, I wish that account’s existence weren’t needed.

Going Viral

When “virality” becomes troublesome is when that’s the only goal. So many factors that are out of anyone’s control play into what sort of content goes viral that despite what some may say, it’s nearly impossible to predict what will truly go [...]

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