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New Google+ Gets a Makeover, Classic Google+ Closing

About a year ago Google+ was relaunched to focus on communities of shared interests. "After all of these updates, more people are discovering vibrant Communities and creating inspiring Collections than ever before," said Danielle Buckley, Progress Manager of Google+. "So it's in this same spirit that we're pleased to add three new much requested updates, rolling out over the next couple of weeks, to Google+."

1. Making lower quality, possibly spammy comments, only viewable upon click. These would include short comments such as "nice post" or "great work" which aren't engaging and may not be heart-felt. You can still see these types of comments by clicking a "View more comments" link.

2. Reduced whites space so that content, especially photos, can be viewed in the largest format possible. A new zoom functionality is also being added for photo viewing.

3. Google+ Events are coming back! "Finally (drumroll please!), we're bringing Events over to the new Google+," exclaimed Buckley. "While there's more to be done to improve the experience, beginning January 24th you'll be able to create and join events on Google+ web as you have in the past." She notes that Events will not be available for G Suite at launch of this feature.

With these updates comes an announcement that Google is turning off the classic Google+ on the web on January 24. "Just because we're bidding adieu to classic Google+ doesn't mean we're done working on the new one. Our aim is to make Google+ the best place to connect around the things you care about."

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