Twitter Users are Buying Millions of Fake Followers, Black Market Exposed

Twitter is a platform that has always encouraged—perhaps unwittingly—competition in terms of user popularity. These days, fellow users of the social media platform will gauge your online status based on the number of likes your tweets generate, the number of times they are retweeted and, most importantly, the number of followers you have.

This explains why some Twitter users even go as far as to buy fake followers.

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13 Ways to Grow Your Brand With Pinterest

Pinterest is not quite a social media behemoth like Facebook and Twitter, but with 200 million users a month, it can certainly hold its own. The platform's user base also covers a wide demographic, making it an ideal place for businesses of all kinds to find new customers. As a matter of fact, 50 percent of all millennials in the U.S. use Pinterest. Older people use the platform as well, with 68 percent of American women aged 25 to 54 happily pinning and creating boards. Men are getting into the action as well, with 40 percent of new users being males.

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Facebook Reveals 'Privacy Principles' in Preparation for New Data Protection Laws

Facebook is taking more steps to improve privacy for its users. For the first time, the social media giant will publish its privacy principles or guidelines that reveal how user info is stored and shared. In addition, the company will introduce a new, more visible Privacy Center to make it easier for users to change their privacy settings.

As Facebook is preparing for the new data protection laws enacted in Europe, the tech company is now making it easier for users to control their privacy setting.

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Twitter is Reportedly Trying to Copy Snapchat's Video-Sharing Feature

Twitter may soon be introducing a new feature to its platform as part of the company's strategy to boost user growth. The San Francisco-based social media company is reportedly working on a feature that will mimic rival Snapchat making it easier for users to post videos.

The rumored Snapchat-like feature will cut down the number of steps required to open the camera inside the app.

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