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Facebook Page Insights Now Features with Real-Time Data!
Facebook has introduced two updates to page insights with the aim of giving page administrators a clearer picture of past & present.

Social Media Metrics You Should Know: Post-Program Drop-Off
Analytics are a beautiful thing. They can tell you so much about a demographic, brand, program performance, and more. However, if you don’t know how to read the data correctly, analytics can trick you.

New eGuide: How to Streamline Your Content Delivery
Marketers everywhere are relying on content to build relationships and grow their business. It's crucial to have a content delivery strategy that makes sense.

Zoho Pulse : Add social to your Business
Interested in getting social? We recommend you to try Zoho Pulse, which is the "New Intranet" with a Social face to it. It is packed with features that help you connect and collaborate with your colleagues, even while you're not at your desk.

How do I create a Facebook fan page?
I “friend” people on Facebook who are friends, family and customers. Now I’d like to switch and create a facebook business page so my customers can “like” that instead. How do i get started?

Visualizing the DNA of a Social Business Via Infographics
Recently, my Altimeter Group colleague Charlene Li and I published an ebook that revealed The Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy. To our pleasant surprise, the industry didn’t just react with positive feedback, but also with fantastic infographics that brought the core of the book to life. I wanted to share a few with you here.

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The state of the social web according to GlobalWebIndex
Some interesting metrics form part of a global study into social media usage and trends published last week by GlobalWebIndex, the London-based market research firm.

Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing You Learned In Kindergarten
My sister is a Kindergarten teacher and probably one of the best storytellers I have ever encountered. From a young age I can remember being riveted to the edge of my seat by stories of things that I had little or no real interest in. THAT, my friends is solid storytelling. So why does this matter to you? It matters because everything you need to know about being a great social media marketer you learned in kindergarten. Allow me to explain.

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How Much Do Social Media Marketing Programs Cost?
Questions about cost frequently (and obviously) arise in our conversations with prospective clients. Social media is an evolving medium and the costs of doing business are constantly in flux as a result. And budgets are budgets.

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Built for small business owners to track time, log expenses and invoice clients in record time

6 Things to Consider When Executing a Social Media Program Overseas
So, you went and won yourself an international client. Well done. Though the Internet allows you to do almost anything from anywhere, there may come a time when you will have to travel overseas. Whether you need to visit company headquarters or cover a product launch at an international conference, traveling abroad is something you need to be ready for.

#1 Social Media Certification Online
Stand out from the so-called experts and master top social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more in as little as 12 weeks.

Myspace Leaves Beta, Brings iOS App With It
Myspace announced that it is bringing its recently redesigned service out of beta, as well as launching a new mobile app for iOS. If you haven’t checked out the desktop redesign yet, you can see Josh Wolford’s extensive walkthrough here.

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Social You Should Know: Social and Sales � New from Google and Pinterest
For our U.S. based clients and friends, it’s Memorial Day weekend. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed our Mystery Trip last weekend (pictures here).

The Value of Your Facebook Fans
Syncapse and Hotspex have updated the data from 2010 about Facebook Fan value as a driver of shareholder value for the top 20 global brands. Their 2013 study shows that the value of a Facebook fan to a consumer brand has increased quite dramatically in the last two years (28%) to $174 per fan. The number of people liking these brands on Facebook has increased too – in 2010, these brand pages typically had a few million Fans each. Top brands in the 2013 study have well over 15 million Fans, with some like McDonalds and Coca-Cola with 25 million and 60 million, respectively.

Become a Certified Social Media Marketer with Splash Media U
Splash Media, the #1 social media marketing agency in the country, has created Splash Media University to provide online certificates in social media marketing.

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10 reasons social media has peaked. 8 reasons that's a relief
After years of significant growth, social networks exhibited mixed results last year. It was bound to happen. Here are 10 reasons social media has peaked. Maybe it concerns you if you are in the social media business, but I will give you 8 reasons that it’s a relief that social media has peaked.

Facebook Looks to the Past to Present its Future
If there's one key area that social network giant Facebook has been weak in, its the mobile arena. Users of the official Facebook app for both major platforms Android and iPhone, as well as other handsets manufacturers, have had to dealt with slow loads, poor user interfaces, bugs and other such quirks.

How To Create Visionary Measurement For Social Media
We often use the word “visionary” to describe leaders or companies, but rarely in connection to metrics. If the typical communications strategy is dispersed via Powerpoint within a large organization, usually measurement is the last slide before the end.

Facebook Users Are Starting To Share More Data
A common rebuttal to proponents of online privacy is to just not share personal information with services like Facebook, Twitter and the like. It’s a solid argument, but one that’s not practiced, even by those with privacy concerns.

Pinterest is Nipping at Twitter's Heels
One of the interesting stats in this report is that 16% of Internet user in the United States are on Twitter, with Pinterest right behind at 15 percent. Yes, they are both a long way from the 67% for Facebook, but it seems that the race for second place is on. Instagram is not too far behind either.

Will Facebook Remain Relevant?
With over a billion users, a place in the everyday life of over 60% of Internet users and a track record as one of the fastest growing companies in history, the title of this post may seem odd.

Facebook Announces Facebook Graph Search
In a private, non-publicized press conference held at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, Mark Zuckerberg announced the new Facebook Graph Search, a way to search for things you might like based off what your friends think.

20 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Visibility
There has been quite a lot of discontent among Facebook marketers of late due to the apparent decline in news feed visibility. The more cynical among us believe this is Facebook’s way of coercing page admins to pay to promote their posts in order to get the same exposure they once enjoyed for free. Whether this is true or not, the Facebook news feed is becoming an increasingly competitive marketing space ? meaning you need to fight to be seen.

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