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Facebook Instant Articles Finally Come To Android
Facebook announced that Android users can finally now read its Instant Articles. In October, everyone using the iPhone app became able to read thousands of them from the News Feed on a daily basis, and now Android users can do the same.

Social Media Trends and Buzzwords that need to Quit
Last week we discussed the top social media predictions for 2016, buzzwords and their meanings, and hosted a webinar looking at trends for next year. This week, I’m setting aside the rosy outlook machine, and instead focusing on the social media trends and buzzwords that need to be gone, and …

Do Short Facebook Posts Stimulate Increased Traffic?
Like you, NPR sure would like more of its Facebook followers to click through to its site. And like you, NPR is looking for a way to optimize its Facebook traffic..

Quick and Free Assessment of Your Marketing Strategies [Start Now]
It's a sales and marketing grader–a free, quick and insightful assessment of the marketing strategies that are working for you (and which ones could use some improvement).

Profile Videos Are Coming To Facebook
Facebook has just announced the coolest thing to happen to your profile since the Cover Photo. Soon, you’ll have the ability to set a seven-second looping video as your profile pic. (Don’t worry, you can still just have a static pic if you want) Facebook is calling them “Profile Videos”.

3 Social Metrics You Should Be Using But Aren't
Social Media has evolved significantly over the past few years. Not only for you and I posting our updates to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or [insert your favorite platform here], but for businesses and social connections as well.

Lessons from Instagram and Tinder: Preventing a Brand Image Meltdown With Online Reputation Management
One wrong response can build up or tear down your brand’s image, especially online. Case in point: Tinder’s flurry of Tweets from the recently published Vanity Fair article.

Facebook Users Are Getting A Security Check-Up
Facebook announced the launch of a new security feature called the Security Checkup. It lets users quickly evaluate their current security status and take appropriate action.

[Free Kit] Get the Small Business Customer Success Kit
With out-of-the-box support you can manage cases and help customers faster than ever.

Over One Million People Have Posted On LinkedIn
LinkedIn announced that it has surpassed the one million publishers milestone. It began letting everyone use its publisher platform in February of last year.

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Email Used By Most Of The Popular Social Media Sites
Remember the days when it wasn't uncommon to read an article speculating about whether or not social media would kill email? In fact, if you count the increasingly popular business communication tool Slack, it's still a subject that comes up.

Facebook Video Calling Comes To Most Countries
Facebook Messenger's video calling feature is now available worldwide – for the most part.

Need help with your customer support?
Running a small business means having a million things on your plate at once. We totally get it. That's why Desk.com, Salesforce's all-in-one customer support solution for startups, gives you the tools to get up and running quickly—and at a low cost. Give it a try by downloading the Small Business Customer Service Tool Kit and receive:

Current Problems With Facebook Interest Targeting
Chances are you aren't seeing the same kind of organic reach for your Facebook Page posts that you once were. This is a widespread phenomenon that has been taking place for roughly the past year and a half, and has become a huge bane to marketers and publishers. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

Reports Indicate Periscope Is Ahead of Meerkat for Social Video Streaming
Since SXSW, much has been made about the competition between Meerkat and Periscope, the two new social live video streaming offerings. The the latter comes directly from Twitter, as the company acquired it before launch.

Tips For Using the Twitter Periscope App
Earlier this month, it was revealed that Twitter bought Periscope, a startup making a live streaming video app that had yet to launch. Now, Twitter has officially launched the app, which is a direct competitor to another new app that has quickly gained some traction – Meerkat.

Get Your Free Small Business Customer Support Kit
Running a small business is hard enough, but getting your customer support up and running can seem impossible, especially when you've got a million other things on your to-do list.

Twitter Cracks Down Heavily On Abuse and Harassment
Twitter has a big problem with abuse. Everyone knows this. The company's CEO knows this. The management team at Twitter knows something has to be done about it. But what is Twitter going to do about all the abuse and harassment that takes place on the site?

Facebook Shares Stats About Its Video Growth
Facebook has been touting its major growth in video this month, and that continued on Wednesday afternoon as the company reported its earnings for the fourth quarter and full year 2014. On the company's earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook is, on average, seeing more than 3 billion video views per day. Zuck also shared this nice little graphic on Facebook:

Reddit Reaches Over 71 Billion Pageviews in 2014
We've seen a lot of year-end posts from most of the major Internet companies, but only now are we getting something for reddit. This one is interesting because it actually includes stats for the site.

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